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Visit the nearest DOVES office, alternatively speak to your Shop Steward.

The following certified documents must be submitted to the nearest DOVES office

- Certified copy of death certificate
- Certified copy of deceased's ID
- Certified copy of claimant's ID
- Certified copy of marriage certificate where applicable (spouse claim)
- BI1663 Notification of Death
- Police report (Incase of unnatural and accidental death)

Additional information for cash claims

The claimant (legal owner of the policy, the main member, the spouse or the appointed beneficiary if the main member and spouse have both passed on and there is other legal owner) will present to DOVES branches the documents required above. If the claimant requires the cash without a funeral, 3Sixty Life will pay the claim amount into the claimant's bank account via electronic fund transfer.

Only when the claimant is none of the persons as specified, will 3Sixty Life request an invoice from the funeral undertaker and pay the undertaker and issue a cheque for the balance to the deceased’s estate.
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